Fare is a unique dining establishment which opened in late 2018


iFour is delighted to reveal that we have recently carried out work on the bar and kitchen areas of London based cafe and restaurant, FARE.


FARE is a unique dining establishment which opened in late 2018, with a stunning cafe on the upper level and an elegant restaurant on the lower level serving exquisite coffee, middle-eastern inspired food and pizza as well as a selection of cocktails, beer and wine on tap.


For this project, iFour was appointed to design, build and install two bars and a kitchen area for the ground floor area which needed to help staff cater for a large amount of people efficiently and quickly.

With the venue being fairly large and measuring out across 4,500 square feet, staff required a main bar for the ground floor which was to act as a real showpiece. With this in mind, iFour developed a large horseshoe shaped bar which was fully welded to create a seamless working environment.


The bar was designed to be multifunctional and had 29 draught taps installed serving custom-designed house cocktails, beers and wines. As well as this, a large corner pizza oven was installed by Cuppone with an integral hood for the upstairs pizza offering.


Also on the ground floor, iFour supplied and installed another two-station cocktail bar which was, again, fully welded in keeping with the standards of iFour builds.

Marcis Dzelzainis, Director at FARE, said: “FARE has been a very ambitious project and we needed the kitchen and bar areas to help cater for as many people as possible in a fast and timely manner. Part of this was installing an innovative tap-cocktail system and designing a bar that had multifunctionality. The horseshoe shape of the bar was the end result of this which, in my opinion, looks beautiful.”


On the basement level was the kitchen which iFour designed to be open-style and consisted of an island cook suite with cooking equipment from Hobart and a grill by Robata, which was to be featured on show. A large pass-through cold store was also supplied with an internal space for the beer and cocktail cellar service in the kitchen.


Michael Sager, Director at FARE, also commented: “When it came to opening FARE there was no question of who we were going to work with. We found the ease and efficiency of how both we and iFour work together is much better than anyone we’ve worked with before and it’s been a really great experience. iFour have been a guiding, helping hand with everything for this project.”

Paul Martin, Director at iFour, said: “FARE is such a large venue, so we had to think outside of the box a little to ensure that the client’s requirements were met and that the bars on show would really catch the customer’s attention. The team worked really hard on designing and building both bars ensuring that these were both unique and had character.


“As well as this, the kitchen area also had to fit in with the restaurant’s style being open-plan whilst taking into consideration the functionality and the workflow. The team listened and understood what the client needed and both the iFour team and the client were thrilled with the outcome.”


As well as Cuppone, Hobart and Robata, the main equipment suppliers involved with this project included Storer, Unox, Gram, Meiko, Craven, CED, Hoshizaki and Gamko.