A unique tasting wines from all over the world


iFour has recently carried out work on a new bar and kitchen for the specialist wine bar, Grays & Feather, in London.


Grays & Feather offers customers unique tasting wines from all over the world and have since earned a reputation for working with small, independent winemakers.


Starting out seven years ago as a retailer in sparkling wines, the business soon took off with the idea of developing a bar that would represent these one-of-a-kind wines to the public in an environment where guests can relax and enjoy the atmosphere presented around them.

With this project, iFour was asked to design a new bar and small kitchen area, in which we designed this for the first floor and basement bar.


For the bar area, the team built a full bar frame with copper gantries and a brand new two-and-a-half-metre long wine wall, which was to act as a focal point behind the bar.


Paul Martin, Director at iFour Hospitality Design, said: “The work the team carried out was exceptional, and it was fantastic to see the whole design and execution come together. Every little bit of detail which was put into the work, from the eye-catching brass elephants on the bar rails and the beautiful wine wall all complemented each other and created a stunning bar which was functional and aesthetically pleasing.”


Although the project was a huge success once completed and the client was happy with the end result, the team at iFour experienced a slight delay which put the project on hold.

Paul commented: “We faced a bit of a challenge halfway through the project with regards to the contractors which set the team back a little, however the problem was soon rectified and the team quickly got back on with the project. We were a little sceptical at first of how quickly the issue would be resolved, but luckily we found the right solution and were able to continue with the project as normal.”


Within the food and drink prep areas, several manufacturers were involved with supplying the equipment such as Meiko, Hoshizaki and Weald Refrigeration.


Andrew Gray, founder of Grays & Feather said: “iFour were highly recommended to us and are well known in the trade, having worked on well respected projects with really good clients.”


“We wanted to work with the best, and we told them what we needed and they said they could do it. The installation went great and the materials used were all of high quality, and overall the project went really well.”