iFour carried out work on a bar which takes inspiration from historic explorer, Phileas Fogg, and his adventures in ‘Around the World in 80 Days’.

Mr Fogg’s is a collection of six unique bars based in different areas around London serving beautifully hand-crafted cocktails, rare spirits and food which takes inspiration from Fogg’s travels.

iFour was appointed to complete works on two of the bars in the Mr Fogg’s chain – Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration based in Covent Garden and Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Club & Distillery based in Central London.

At the Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration location, in which the theme is travel and curiosity, iFour designed and built a brand new cocktail bar that would include enough space for staff to make cocktails whilst having enough space to store the ingredients.


Measuring out across 10 metres, the new bar comprised of seven stations and a bespoke service unit which was developed by the iFour team and the bartenders based at Mr Fogg’s.


Within the back bar design and refrigeration units, the Society of Exploration bar also includes one of the world’s first automated cocktail machines, ‘Mr Fogg’s Mechanical Mixologist’ in which the ingredients are placed inside and the machine creates the cocktail automatically.

At the second bar, Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Club & Distillery where the theme is India with a nautical feel, iFour was involved in the fit out of the bars and kitchens with over 30 metres of floors.


The bars and kitchens were custom built for the specific requirements of the establishment, with the iFour team designing bespoke work stations and kitchen areas to coincide with the menu’s offering.


iFour also worked closely with Inception Group on this project, who own and operate all of the Mr Fogg’s bars.


Olly Draper, Operations at Inception Group, said: “We have worked with iFour on a number of projects this year and it has been a pleasure every time. From conception to final handover, they have been on-hand every step of the way and have been instrumental in making sure the bars in our venues maximise the space that keeps our teams happy and drinks flying over the bar.