Londons most sophisticated nightclub is back


Paper, London’s most sophisticated nightclub is back. The legendary club has reopened after a number of years on hold in it’s new Soho home on Wardour street. The exclusive venue revitalises the opulence and luxury associated with the Paper experience. The club has been home to some of the world’s best DJ’s and a host of A-list celebrities over the years and has a unique reputation in London’s VIP nightlife scene.


iFour Designs were approached by Paper to design and install a bespoke hand-made bar to suit the cocktail and champaign offering. The customer experience is what places Paper at the top of the London club scene, so it was essential to us that we provided a stunning bar unlike any other. With Paper making a comeback with a new concept but still aiming to please London’s elite, we set out to meet with the proprietors to understand exactly what their needs, requirements and desires were for the bar area.

Once design stages were refined and completed we were able to produce the custom bar and backbar design to specification ready for install. With the new bar area up and running and worthy of a nightclub renaissance, the bar staff got to work creating their brand new drinks menu, all catered for by the expertly designed backbar operation. Key suppliers on this project were Gamko and Hoshizaki.


Paul Martin, Director of iFour Hospitality Design Ltd, said: “We’re pleased with the outcome of the bar and that we were able to meet the high standards of the new venue. This really is an opulent bar fit for London’s VIP nightlife and having another satisfied client is something we’re very happy about.”