A natural space for natural ingredients


iFour have recently completed the design, supply and installation of all catering areas at Squirrel South Kensington. Squirrel is an all-day casual healthy food and drink concept that boasts a stunning interior which has been perfectly designed to match the natural ingredients served on the menu.


Design and planning commenced in December 2015 when iFour were approached directly by the client after successfully completing projects for them previously.


Collaborating with the designer, main contractor and project manager the iFour team seamlessly overcame every challenge and created a great synergy with all involved.

Lee Swiffen, Director at iFour commented: “We have previously worked with the client, designers, contractor and project manager so we knew from day one that the project would be a huge success. We understood exactly what was required of us and the high standards that we needed to achieve and it was a pleasure to work closely with all involved.”


Space was a major challenge on the project and balancing the public areas while still providing sufficient storage, preparation and production space was a vital requirement. An ergonomic solution had to be carefully planned over 2 floors to ensure that speed of service was optimised and that food display was visible to the public.


The design and layout of displays, preparation areas and public areas was transformed many times during the project, due to ongoing menu development taking place as the works were planned.


“Showcasing the stunning ingredients Squirrel have to offer was high on the agenda so it was vitally important that a functional and eye catching solution was created. From the point of order through to collection the customer experience had to be considered.

Our free flowing design ensures that even during the busiest of service times, the functionality of processing orders do not slow down said iFour Director Paul Martin.


Lee Swiffen commented “The use of stainless steel front of house had to be kept to a minimum as it was vital that we did not encroach on the natural interior design mood and confuse the concept for customers. This meant that displays had to be manufactured completely bespoke, with all stainless steel being hidden behind timber, marble, or by use of coated steel. The counter design had to incorporate a stunning sawn log fascia, which was sourced by the main contractor at an early stage of the project.”


iFour and Squirrel are delighted with the project and have collectively achieved everything that was required, bringing a natural woodland setting into a busy South Kensington location by successfully blending the counter system and display equipment into the interior, while still retaining the functionality to allow for great service!